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Willkommen in den

Hohenheimer Gärten

von Visual Plants Online

With Visual Plants you have access to an image-based plant database, which serves as a helping tool for the determination of plants. It contains records of digitized plant images, herbarium specimen and illustrations from plants of Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

We hope that you will enjoy the images of many photographers and researchers working in tropical rain forests.

Visual Plants is partly supported by the DFG within the Research Group 402 "Functionality in a Tropical Mountain Rainforest: Diversity, Dynamic Processes and Utilization Potentials under Ecosystem Perspectives".

Visual Plants is partly supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the BIOTA-East research framework.

We want to thank both institutions and a growing number of contributors for giving us the chance to make Visual Plants a useful database for scientific purposes and for aesthetic pleasure.

On this page you can switch between different strategies of retrieving information in our database.

Basically there are two different pathways:
a) Search species and image information using (mostly vegetative) characters of plants. The result is a list of images which fit to the character statements.

b) Search information using taxon or plant names of families, genera and species.

Both ways finally lead to our main objects, the images with the associated information about the plants.

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